• August 1, 2018

In restorative dentistry, nothing has been as game-changing as dental implants.

Until scientists figure out how people can regrow teeth like alligators and sharks (and you probably don’t want to hold your breath waiting for that), implants are the best option. That is, if you want teeth replacements that work like the real thing.

We’ve seen the difference implants have made in the lives of our patients at Brandon Family Dental.

People have told us they were able to eat apples, corn on the cob, and steak for the first time in years. People have told us how great it is to talk without worrying about their dentures falling out, too.

And people smile with confidence with they don’t have gaps in their smiles anymore.

August is Dental Implant Month, and to celebrate, we have put together three fun facts about implants.

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#1 – Modern Implants Were Developed After An Accidental Discovery

Swedish physician Per-Ingvar Brånemark got the idea for his implants as a result of research he was doing on blood circulation in the 1950s. As part of his intended study, he put titanium cylinders in the leg bones of rabbits.

He thought he would be able to remove them and reuse them as needed. He was wrong about that.

Instead, the bone bonded directly to the titanium cylinders. Dr. Brånemark coined a term for this process — osseointegration. This comes from Latin words that mean “bone” and “to make whole.”

Dr. Brånemark saw the potential in his discovery, and he assembled a team to help design what are today called root-form dental implants.

#2 – The First Person to Get Implants Had Them for 40+ years

Although many people were skeptical at first, the titanium implants have been incredibly successful since the beginning.

In 1965, Gösta Larsson became the first person to receive a set of Dr. Brånemark’s dental implants. Larsson had been toothless for nearly all his life prior to his procedure. This was a result of deformities in his chin and jaw.

Larsson had those same implants until he died in 2006.

#3 – Implants Are Remarkably Successful

Many people have continued to build on the pioneering work done by Dr. Brånemark and his team.

Mini implants in various sizes have allowed even more people to get this life-changing treatment. New techniques have allowed doctors to place a few implants with equally good results.

Nothing has a 100 percent success rate, but implants are successful more than 95 percent of the time.

Learn More for Yourself

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