• July 15, 2017

Your kids may not want to think about the first day of school, but it might have crossed your mind already. When the new school year does begin, you want your kids to be in a position to be as successful as they can.

That’s why we encourage to take a few minutes today to schedule a back to school dental cleaning at our dentist office if you live in or near Ortonville, MI. To make an appointment at Brandon Family Dental, call (248) 469-0218 or stop by our office at 1201 S. Ortonville Road.

Dental cleanings may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about getting ready for school, but we are hoping it will become as routine as buying paper, notebooks, and other school supplies for you and your family.

Here are a few reasons why we think this is important.


▸ 1. You Want Your Kids To Stay In Class

How much school do you think kids miss as a result of dental problems?

According to the American Dental Association, children miss more than 51 million hours of school each year as a direct result of dental problems.

The Children’s Dental Health Project pointed out that a study of students in Los Angeles revealed that poor oral health was a factor in up to one-third of missed school days. Another study in North Carolina revealed that kids with oral health problems were three times more likely to miss school.

In other words, no matter where people live, good oral health can help their kids stay in class.


▸ 2. You Want Your Kids To Do Their Best In School

Everyone wants their kids to have the best opportunity to be as successful as they can. Getting a good education will certainly help in that regard.

So, it makes sense that we want our kids to be in positions to do their best while they are in school. Having a healthy mouth can help.

Again, the Children’s Dental Health Project has some helpful information in this regard. They reported on a study showed that kids with toothaches are four times more likely to have lower grades than their peers.

Think about when you’ve had aches and pains of any kind, and then think about how that affects you when you are at your job. Now imagine being a child with a toothache sitting in a classroom. How much do you think you could concentrate on that day’s lesson?

When a child misses part of the lesson, classwork and homework become harder to do, too.


▸ 3. Being Proactive Can Prevent Oral Health Problems

A national survey revealed that 1 in 7 children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old has had a toothache in the past six months. Likewise, 40 percent of children have had a cavity before they start kindergarten.

No one wants their kids to have oral health problems. That’s why being proactive with preventive dentistry is your best option.

You likely already know that the American Dental Association recommends that everyone in your family should brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily. But as a parent, you also are all too aware that kids don’t always do the things they should.

This is why professional dental cleanings and exams need to be an essential part of your oral health routine. By bringing your kids to our dentist office in Ortonville, MI, we can remove plaque and tartar.

While you are visiting us, we can provide you with dental sealants that can protect teeth from the bacteria that cause cavities. We also offer fluoride treatments, which can repair minor damage to enamel or make enamel stronger.

If your kids already have a cavity or gum disease, however, these checkups are our opportunity to catch things early. This also is when those problems can be treated more easily and effectively.


Start The School Year With Smiles

You still have time to schedule dental cleanings for your children before the next school year begins. To plan your next visit to Brandon Family Dental, please call us at (248) 469-0218.

We hope to see your smiling faces soon!