• November 15, 2015

It’s just a toothache, right? There’s nothing urgent about it! You might not think so but neglecting to treat a toothache is a recipe for disaster! Toothaches only happen when something is serious or has progressed for a while. Either way they’re a sure sign you need treatment at Brandon Family Dental right away!

Toothaches come in a lot of different varieties and have a lot of different additional symptoms besides “ache.” If yours is accompanied by swelling, a fever, bleeding, redness, inflammation, or severe pain you need to be seen immediately! We try our best to see emergency patients same day!

It Could Be Severe Decay

Tooth decay usually doesn’t hurt. At least until it gets to the root, that is! If you’re suffering from a toothache that’s reached the root of your tooth you need to be seen right away! The root of your tooth is called the dental pulp. It’s a soft tissue that contains a lot of nerves and blood vessels. Once a cavity reaches that part of the tooth it quickly infects the pulp!

When a cavity reaches the root of your tooth we treat it with – you guessed it – a root canal. Don’t be afraid of this tooth-saving procedure! Contrary to the belief that they cause pain a root canal will provide almost immediate relief!

It Could Be A Dental Abscess

If a decaying tooth is left untreated long enough an abscess can form. This pocket of infection results from a root infection going beyond the root and into the jaw. At this point there is a serious need for immediate treatment!

Abscesses come with a fever and potential swelling of the area. We generally treat an abscess with a root canal but in extreme cases it may be necessary to extract the tooth. This is uncommon and is generally only performed if the tooth is too badly decayed to safe or if it is obstructing our ability to treat the abscess.

It Could Be Gum Disease

When bacteria gets below the root of your tooth it can cause serious inflammation and pain in the form of gum disease! In its early stages gum disease generally doesn’t cause pain but when it’s left to worsen it definitely can! By the time gum disease is causing pain you may already be experiencing serious gum recession and bone loss!

We can treat gum disease at our Ortonville dentist office using a variety of techniques. One of the best things about gum disease is how easy it is to treat, but like most other dental diseases it needs to be caught early in order to be effectively stopped and healed!

It Could Be Trauma

You’d think a traumatically injured tooth would be obvious but not necessarily! It’s possible to crack a tooth so small that you can’t see it – but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel it! Even the smallest microfracture can be extremely painful!

In order to treat traumatically damaged teeth we generally use fillings or crowns. We can get your tooth feeling better and safely protect the remaining healthy portion as soon as you can get in to see us!

It Could Be Teeth Grinding!

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding and clenching can be something you aren’t even aware you suffer from! Many bruxers do so in their sleep and the only sign is sore teeth and jaws in the morning! If you’re suffering from persistent jaw pain due to bruxism you could be suffering from teeth that have started to come loose!

It’s important you see us right away for this or any other kind of dental pain. Left unchecked bruxism can lead to tooth fracture or even tooth loss!

The Most Important Treatment: Early Intervention!

When it comes to a toothache no time is too early for treatment! If you’re suffering from any kind of dental pain that has lasted two or more days then you need to make an appointment at Brandon Family Dental right away! Early treatment is a key part of saving your teeth!

Don’t wait another minute – call our Ortonville dentist office today at 248-469-0218! For non-emergency needs you can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to helping you!