• February 1, 2016


If you were asked to pick three words to describe your dentures what would you say? There’s a good bet it wouldn’t be things like great, wonderful, helpful, or reliable. It’s no secret that most people who wear dentures are incredibly unhappy with them!

At Brandon Family Dental we understand how miserable wearing dentures can be. We see plenty of patients who are ready to just throw them in the garbage and never look back. That’s why we think it’s time you finally ditched your dentures for good – and we’ll help! Here’s five common denture problems we hear from our patients – do these sound familiar?

#1: They Don’t Stay Put

It’s always at the worst possible time: your dentures slip, slide, fall, or pop out of place, embarrassing you and making you feel horrible. It’s happened to a lot of people – you definitely aren’t alone in suffering from unstable dentures.

#2: They Irritate Your Gums

When they do decide to stay where you put them your dentures just seem to irritate and annoy your gums! Soft tissue like that wasn’t meant to handle all those chewing forces, and it’s easy to end up with red, irritated gums that get too sensitive to handle dentures.

#3: You Can’t Eat Well

Your favorite foods are off the table – literally! Dentures don’t let you eat very much, and covering the roof of your mouth just eliminates your ability to taste what you can eat. All in all this leads to denture patients frequently being undernourished simply because eating becomes an unenjoyable chore!

#4: The Fit Only Gets Worse

Losing teeth means the bone in your jaw shrinks continually – that’s what causes that sunken face look in people who wear dentures. You might get a set that fit great initially, but over time they’ll just fit worse and worse until they’re nearly impossible to deal with. That poor fit also means they end up looking unnatural and huge.

#5: They Increase Your Risk Of Certain Infections

Your mouth is filled with enough bacteria as it is, and when your teeth spend part of the time outside of it you end up with some seriously invasive bacteria in there. Dentures also increase your chance of inhaling bacteria into your lungs: two of the most common respiratory conditions in denture wearers is bacterial pneumonia and MRSA, a dangerous and hard to treat staph infection.

You Have Options!

Our Ortonville team is proud to offer you an alternative to dentures that you’re sure to love: dental implants. We can actually eliminate your need for dentures and replace them with permanent, fixed-in-place teeth that you care for just like the real thing! 

Our dental implant options range from simply giving your dentures something to hold on to to the advanced All-On-Four fixed bridge system. We have options available for every budget and desire!

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are meant to simulate the root of a natural tooth. They are placed directly into your jaw, and once healed are fully integrated with your bone. If cared for properly there’s no reason dental implants won’t last you for the rest of your life!

When you come to see us at Brandon Family Dental we’ll start with a full comprehensive exam: we want to be sure you’re a good implant candidate! Once we know for sure we’ll develop a treatment plan based on your desires, and we’ll then move on to planning your implant procedure.

Your implant appointment involves the placement of all your dental implants, which our patients often choose to do under sedation. That way you can simply wake up when it’s all over and go back to living your life! In just a few months of healing you’ll be ready for a new permanent set of teeth that you’ll be able to enjoy without the hassle and frustration of dentures. Imagine the day where you can get rid of them for good – it will be simply wonderful!

Want To Find Out What We Can Do For You?

There’s only one way to truly discover all the benefits of dental implants, and that’s with an appointment at Brandon Family Dental. We’re confident that we’ll be able to get you exactly what you want: a permanent set of teeth that will really make you smile!

You can reach us by phone at 248-469-0218 or you can request an appointment right here online. We look forward to seeing you soon!