• March 1, 2019

What are your plans for this year’s spring cleaning? Are you reorganizing the garage? Painting your kitchen? Going through the storage and all the closets and having a yard sale? We love this annual excuse to keep our houses tidy and comfortable. We also find that this is a great time to remind our patients to schedule a “spring cleaning” with their smiles! Our team at Brandon Family Dental recommends a dental cleaning every six months for your healthiest, best smile.

If you haven’t had a cleaning in six months or if your twice-yearly cleaning is coming up, call our Ortonville office at 248-469-0218 to schedule yours today. Don’t forget to book your kids’ dental cleanings too! Then check out what to expect during your appointment below.

Thorough Teeth Cleanings Provide Healthy, Clean Smiles

Dr. Harrell and our team provide dental cleanings starting at age 2 and going all the way up to 102! Though appointments for the youngest patients might look a little different from others, our goal is always to prevent dental problems by keeping your family’s teeth and gums in excellent condition.

When you come into our office, you can expect to be greeted warmly, whether it’s your first time or whether you come here every six months. Your dental assistant will take digital X-rays, which are quicker, safer, and more precise than traditional X-rays. Your hygienist will then give you a thorough cleaning, reaching all the places you can’t with special tools. This cleaning gets rid of all the plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums, which is made of bacteria. That bacteria causes cavities and gum disease, so it’s important to get it removed regularly to prevent these problems. Dental insurance often covers regular checkups in full.

Dental Exams Keep Your Oral Health in Check

During your visit, your hygienist and Dr. Harrell will both check you for any existing problems as well as problems that might be developing. These include tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. We’ll make sure we can catch anything in the earliest stages possible to provide the most conservative treatments. As a result, we can keep your oral health – and smile – on track. We may even use the assistance of ViziLite, a handheld tool that detects any cancerous cells through fluorescence.

Other Preventive Measures You Can Expect at Your Dental Checkups

Your dental cleaning may include more than just a cleaning and exam. Depending on your situation, we may also recommend the following:

Nutritional Counseling – If you or your child have any dental problems, we can help you make better dietary choices that keep your smile looking and feeling great for life. (Bonus: the choices often benefit your overall health, too!)

At-Home Product Recommendations – If you are prone to cavities, bad breath, or other issues, we might recommend prescription toothpastes or rinses to help.

Gum Disease Treatments – Early stage gum disease can often be eliminated with a good regular dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene. If not, we can schedule you for deep cleanings or other gum care that will keep the disease at bay and help protect your teeth. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss for adults, and it can cause other noticeable effects to your smile, such as gum recession and bad breath.

Sealants – These thin protective layers blend in with your teeth and seal them off from bacteria.

Fluoride Treatments – Our professional fluoride treatments aren’t always just for kids. They can help children and adults keep their outer layer of teeth – enamel – from getting decayed. Fluoride is proven to prevent cavities.

Tooth Fillings – If we do find cavities, we can use tooth-colored fillings to repair them without your smile looking any different. No metal fillings here!

Call Today for Your Dental Spring Cleaning

Your cleaning appointment is also a good time to discuss any smile concerns you have, whether you’d like more tips to care for your teeth or want to hide any imperfections in your smile. We’re here to listen and provide solutions.

To schedule your next dental cleaning in Ortonville, MI, call 248-469-0218, or contact us online. We’re open until 7 on Monday and Wednesday for your convenience.