• February 1, 2019

Your oldest child has been complaining about a toothache. Your youngest is wiggly a loose primary tooth, and your middle child is getting ready for basketball practice.

It sounds like you have a good reason to bring all your kids to visit our team at Brandon Family Dental. Pediatric dentistry is a foundational part of our family practice, and we’re proud to help families in and around Ortonville, MI.

Let us show you how we can support your efforts to keep your kids happy and smiling. Call 248-469-0218 now to schedule your next dental checkup with us.

Give Your Family Quality Dental Care

When you bring your family to our office, we know that you are trusting us with the most important people in your life. We understand that we are doing more than taking care of someone’s teeth.

It’s also why Dr. Harrell and the rest of our team makes an extra effort to make dental visits as enjoyable as they can be for our younger patients. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s also important to work with kids on eye level. Your kids should feel we are talking with them, not talking at them.

We welcome children as young as 2 years old to our office. When a child visits us for the first time, we want to make a good impression because we hope this will be a long-term relationship. We greet your child by name, and parents are welcome to come back to the patient room with their children.

During that initial exam, we’ll take digital X-rays (which use much less radiation than older machines that used film). After we clean your child’s teeth, we’ll talk. This is your and your child’s chance to ask questions and to discuss any concerns.

We want to take time to get to know your kids, which we have seen helps us provide better care as they get older.

Complete Dental Care For Your Kids

We are happy to say that we are a local dental practice that offers full-service pediatric care.

Let’s return to our examples from the introduction.

Statistics say that most kids will have at least one cavity by their 11th birthday. If that happens, our team is ready to provide pain-free dental fillings. With our sedation dentistry, we can help your child remain relaxed while we fix their decayed tooth.

Children who play sports are doing something they enjoy and something that can motivate them to stay healthy and active. Those are all good things. We also know that playing sports comes with some risk, including the risk of a dental injury. This is why we are happy to make custom-fitted athletic mouthguards are for the sports stars in your family.

It’s normal for kids to lose teeth as they get older. This is also an opportunity to discuss orthodontic treatment if it is needed. We offer both traditional braces and Invisalign to straighten teeth and improve smiles.

Visit Us Soon

We want to help you however we can. To keep your kids’ smiles looking great, make regular visits for pediatric dentistry in Ortonville, MI. To request an appointment at Brandon Family Dental, call 248-469-0218 or contact us online.