• February 15, 2016


If you’re of the age where you’re responsible for your own dental decisions there’s a good possibility you don’t want to wear braces. We get it – we wouldn’t want to wear them either! But despite the hesitation to add metal to your mouth there’s still the desire to straighten your smile. If you’ve been in this position there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Invisalign.

The stories are true: it’s really impossible to see and it really works. But that’s not the only reasons Invisalign is a great alternative to braces. There are some advantages that are just as hard to see as the Invisalign aligners themselves, which is why Brandon Family Dental is here to help you take a closer look.

Life, Uninterrupted

When you think about braces you probably think about all the hassle that comes along with them: the social stigma, the discomfort, the difficulty with oral hygiene, and the restricted diet. No one wants to deal with all of that just to get a straight smile, especially as an adult!

With Invisalign you don’t have to deal with all the braces hassles to get a look you’ll be happy with. In fact, all you have to deal with is remembering to wear your aligners! One of the best things about Invisalign is how hassle-free it really is: it’s invisible looking and it’s practically invisible in your day to day living as well.

You get to take your aligners out when you eat, which means you won’t have to modify your diet at all. Invisalign aligners also come out for brushing your teeth, making oral hygiene completely unchanged as well! All in all your life will go on without any differences, except the straighter smile!

The Invisalign Diet?

Studies of Invisalign patients has shown an interesting trend: a vast majority of them tend to lose weight while undergoing treatment! The conclusion that researchers and patients drew from the data was clear: Invisalign reduces mindless daytime snacking, which results in a loss of calories.

If you’ve been thinking about doing more for your look than just straightening your teeth Invisalign could be the perfect jump start: you could add a new workout routine, start eating healthier, and in the one year it takes to straighten your teeth you could end up with a whole new you!

Eliminating snacking can also benefit your teeth as well: since we aren’t always near our toothbrushes during the day we can easily end up with a bacteria buildup that leads to decay and gum disease, and it’s only made worse by eating. Getting rid of snacks, which aren’t always the healthiest for you or your smile, can leave you in a far better position to maintain a healthy, happy smile.

Movement Tooth By Tooth

Think about traditional orthodontic treatment: it requires brackets on each tooth and a wire that attaches between them. Teeth are straightened by the tension on the wire and its natural desire to straighten itself out. Braces undoubtedly work, but they work by requiring each tooth to support its neighbors during the process. Tension must be precisely planned and adjustments need to be made constantly to ensure that everything is still going according to plan.

Compare that to Invisalign: every tooth is sitting in its own unique position in your aligner. The minor movement that each two-week aligner makes are powered by the force of the plastic against your teeth, not a wire that all teeth are sharing. We model the movement of each tooth individually and move it that way too. This makes Invisalign incredibly predictable, reliable, and just what you wanted once treatment is complete!

It’s almost as if Invisalign is moving each tooth individually throughout the course of treatment. By treating each tooth as a separate piece of a puzzle treatment becomes easier and less uncomfortable for you as well. We’ve had plenty of patients surprised at how comfortable Invisalign treatment was: they repeatedly told us it was nothing like what they expected.

What Are You Waiting For?

Straightening your smile doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen pretty darn fast with Invisalign. The only thing standing between you and the smile of your dreams is making an appointment at our Ortonville dentist office. Trust us: you and your smile will be glad you did!

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