• June 15, 2019

If you’ve been told your child may need braces or if you suspect they do, you may not have to go to a specialist for their orthodontic care. Brandon Family Dental offers braces for kids in Ortonville, MI, so you can get all your child’s dental care under one roof and possibly save money at the same time.

We often tell our patients that summer is a perfect time to get braces because there is an adjustment period as kids get used to wearing braces, cleaning them, and eating with them. They will also need periodic adjustments from Dr. Harrell, so they won’t need to miss class. When they aren’t in school, this process is easier (for both of you!) and can give them a better overall dental experience. And if we’re their dental provider, you may be able to do cleanings and orthodontic appointments in the same visit.

Find out more about whether your child could benefit from braces for kids and teens in our quick quiz. Then call Brandon Family Dental at 248-469-0218 today and set up their appointment. We offer braces for adults, too!