• May 2, 2017

Imagine an older couple sitting together at a restaurant. As they look over their menus, the lady seems relaxed as she reviews her selections and tries to decide what to eat.

The gentleman seems a little frustrated. You catch a bit of the conversation as you walk past their table on the way to your own. He mumbles something about “always having to get soup.”

When they place their orders, the lady gets a small steak, medium rare, with steamed carrots and corn on the cob.

The gentleman starts to order, but you see his dentures come loose. He looks a little embarrassed as he puts them back in his mouth. Then he asks for tomato soup, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn for his meal.

This gets you to thinking about what you might do if you lost your teeth …


We agree that it’s worth thinking about. Our dentist office in Ortonville, MI, has replaced countless teeth for numerous patients over the years.

Nationwide, an estimated 35 million people are missing one or both arches of their teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.

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They Both Have Dentures

Here’s a small detail we may have omitted from our short restaurant scene. Both the husband and the wife have dentures.

The difference is that he has traditional dentures, while she has implant-supported dentures. You can probably tell from their orders (and the effort it took to place them) that there is a noticeable difference in their daily experiences with their teeth replacements.


His Day-To-Day With Dentures

On a typical day, he fishes his dentures out of a glass, where they have been soaking overnight. Sometimes he gets his dentures after he eats breakfast (some coffee, maybe some oatmeal). He will put his dentures in if he’s going to eat eggs or a muffin of some kind. The dentures don’t help with everything, but soft foods usually don’t cause them to come loose while he’s eating.

He gave up on denture adhesives years ago. He grew tired of putting the goop on.

The adhesive did allow him to bite and chew more thing than he could without it, but he still couldn’t eat everything that he wanted to eat. On the other hand, the adhesive also changed the taste of his food, and he didn’t care much for that.

He’s gotten used to speaking with his dentures in place, but they do come loose every now and then. He’s noticed that this happens more often the longer he has a particular set of dentures.

On the plus side, he hasn’t had to replace his dentures as often as most of his friends.


Her Life With Dental Implants

When she lost her teeth, she decided to get implant-supported dentures instead. She remembered what her own father’s life had been like when he had dentures.

Knowing this, she wanted to avoid those issues — many of which her husband is dealing with today.

Her dental implants were placed directly into her jawbone. They act as replacements for the roots of her missing teeth. Together, her implants also provide a stable, secure foundation to support her dentures.

She never worries about her dentures falling out when she is talking to someone. Maybe more importantly, she trusts that they will stay in place no matter what she eats. With implant-supported dentures, she can bite and chew as comfortably as she did before she lost her teeth.


Which Option Would You Choose?

The couple in our story may be fictional, but our description of their daily lives is based on what we’ve heard from patients about dentures and dental implants.

Losing your teeth can affect you in a variety of ways. Most people want teeth replacements of some kind, and many will start with traditional dentures. Unfortunately, we’ve also heard from many patients who become frustrated with their dentures over time.

We can add dental implants later, but getting your implants up front can save you from years of frustration.

If you are considering getting teeth replacements now or in the future, keep our dentist office in Ortonville, MI, in mind. By calling us at 248-469-0218, our team at Brandon Family Dental can answer your questions about dentures and dental implants.