• July 15, 2018

It’s summer. The sun is out longer, which means more opportunities to enjoy time with family and friends.

Grilling out is one of our favorite things to do this time of year whether we are hosting a get-together or visiting family as part of a reunion. Burgers, chicken, ribs … it’s all delicious, especially with some corn on the cob or other grilled veggies.

At least, that’s something to look forward to in the summer if you can eat anything that you want. If you have dentures, then you already know that might not be an option. Depending on how long you’ve had your dentures, the list of foods you know that you can eat may be a lot shorter than the foods you wish you could eat.

You should be able to eat anything, anytime. It’s why we offer dental implants for patients who visit our Ortonville, MI dental office. At Brandon Family Dental, we can place a variety of implants, which can keep your dentures secure, so you can start eating what you would like to eat once again.

If that sounds tasty to you, call (248) 469-0218 to learn more.

Take a Real Bite

Dentures make look like teeth, but when it comes to performance, they just can’t deliver as well as the real thing.

This isn’t just our opinion. It’s been demonstrated in multiple studies. Someone with dentures can bite with about 20 percent as much force as someone with a full set of teeth.

That helps explain why biting into that corn on the cob or an apple can be so difficult with dentures. It’s also why chewing a bite of chicken or steak takes a lot more effort for someone with dentures.

Many people try using denture adhesives to address this problem. The adhesives provide some marginal improvement, but many denture wearers also say their adhesives make food taste funny.

To put more power in your bite, you need to recreate the connection you once had from your jawbone to your teeth. To do that, you need implants.

Implants are an integral part of our full-mouth reconstruction. Implants replace the roots of your missing teeth. Whether you get traditional implants or mini implants, you will be re-establishing a direct link from your jawbone to your dentures.

It’s why people with implant-supported dentures can regain up to 85 percent of their biting power within a few months. That is more than enough to bite into the foods that you love and to chew them comfortably.

‘What’s for Dinner?’

When you have implant-supported dentures, that’s a question you can ask with eagerness instead of anxiety. People with dentures know the worry that can happen when you don’t know if you’ll be able to eat anything at the next company or family gathering.

With implants, your only concern will be how much delicious food you should pile on your plate.

To secure your dentures, schedule an appointment at Brandon Family Dental soon. Call (248) 469-0218 or contact us online today.