• January 15, 2016

In general, you should try to keep all of your teeth. It means that you are taking care of your teeth and usually that your teeth are healthy.

But sometimes, a particular tooth or teeth can cause bigger problems for the rest of your mouth. The most common instance of this is our wisdom teeth.

For many people, the wisest thing to do is to remove those problematic teeth. That’s also why we pride ourselves in our ability to perform wisdom tooth extraction at Brandon Family Dental in Ortonville, MI.

Your wisdom teeth should not cause you pain and having them removed shouldn’t be painful, either.

Not Enough Room To Grow

When our first teeth come in, it hurts. You probably don’t remember what teething feels like, but you have probably seen a child crying because his or her teeth are just starting to erupt.

When you baby teeth fell out and your adult teeth came in, you probably do not recall any pain at that point. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case when our last set of teeth, our “wisdom teeth,” erupt.

Wisdom teeth are a vestigial part, much like our appendix or our tonsils. That don’t serve any real purpose anymore, and you usually don’t hear about them unless they are causing a problem and someone needs to have them removed.

We know from looking at fossils from our ancestors, that human mouths used to have enough room for wisdom teeth to fit. Our ancestors ate a rougher diet than we do, and this extra set of molars helped them grind up the foods they hunted and gathered.

As we began to grow our food, we no longer needed these extra teeth to help chew the food that we ate. As human jaws became smaller, our bodies still tried to push these extra molars into place … even if many of us don’t have room to hold them.

The Problems of Impacted Teeth

Some people are lucky. Their wisdom teeth are able to erupt correctly without any problems. Some people never develop wisdom teeth at all.

And then there are the rest of us, whose wisdom teeth are nothing but trouble.

If your wisdom teeth cannot erupt correctly, then they are considered to be impacted. Wisdom teeth can become either partially or completely impacted. In either case, it’s not good for your oral health.

A completely impacted tooth can grow sideways. This may cause it to push into your other teeth, and that could force them closer together and out of alignment.

Another possible complication is your impacted tooth could grow toward a nerve in your jaw, which could result in serious pain for you.

Even if you don’t have pain (at first), a completely impacted tooth can create pockets in your gums. This can create an opportunity for an infection that can damage your jaw or lead to gum disease.

Partially impacted wisdom teeth also can press into your existing teeth, change the alignment of your teeth, cause pain, and create opportunities for gum disease or other infections.

Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you visit Brandon Family Dental for routine cleanings and examinations, we will monitor your teeth and the teeth of your loved ones during every visit. We take X-rays to see if your teeth have changed since a previous visit, and we keep a close eye on how your wisdom teeth are erupting.

If it appears that a wisdom tooth or teeth are impacted, then we may recommend teeth extraction for the long-term health of your mouth.

We strive to make your wisdom tooth extraction as painless as we can. The first step is to apply local anesthetic in the area around the tooth to be removed. You also may receive dental sedation during your procedure.

Sedation dentistry could involve nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation (a pill). All of these options are safe for our patients. All of them will help you remain relaxed during your procedure, and all of them will allow our team to remove your tooth pain-free.

After your problematic wisdom tooth or teeth have been removed, we will provide you with instructions on how to care for your mouth as you heal. It’s important that you follow these instructions to prevent an infection during this time.

Be Wise About Your Oral Health

We can’t explain why some people have wisdom teeth and others don’t. We also don’t know why some people’s wisdom teeth need to be removed.

We do know that if you do need those teeth extracted then you should visit our dentist office in Ortonville, MI. At Brandon Family Dental, we believe removing your teeth should be painless and save you from pain in the future.

To learn more or to schedule a tooth extraction, call us at 248-469-0218.