• August 15, 2015

In our previous post, we spent a lot of time talking about how to care for your child’s smile in the earliest stages. Caring for baby teeth is incredibly important because those baby teeth are placeholders for the adult teeth that will follow soon after the baby teeth fall out. If baby teeth are unhealthy or come out too soon, the adult teeth will struggle to come in as they should, which will set your child up for orthodontic problems.

Taking simple steps to care for the baby teeth is one of the best things you can do for your child’s long term oral health, but it doesn’t end there. As your child ages, new concerns pop up. Let’s spend some time today considering how you can help your school-age child maintain a healthy smile here in our Ortonville, MI family dentist office.

A School-Age Smile

Being in school is a very important time for your little one. During this time, your child gains independence, learns a lot about who they are, and begins to take more and more responsibility for their own health, like brushing their teeth. Take a look below for some specific things you can help your child with to ensure a healthy smile throughout the early school years.

Responsible Brushing – Your child should be brushing their teeth for at least two minutes each morning and evening. This includes all areas of their teeth. While we don’t think you should have to monitor this process, you can talk with your child about the importance of great dental hygiene habits!

Healthy Diet – School age children are more prone to cavities because they tend to have a sugar-filled diet. You can help them keep this under control by encouraging your kids to drink water or milk, selecting healthy snacks, and limiting the amount of candy in your home.

Monitoring the Transition – The transition from baby teeth to adult teeth can sometimes lead to the need for orthodontic care. It is important that we monitor this process so that we can catch problems before they become severe and recommend an orthodontist if needed.

High School Oral Health

The transition from toddler to school-age child is drastic, but it is nothing compared to the transition from child to adolescent. You will have to pay close attention to your child and reach out when they need you. When it comes to their health care, this is often the first time that you will join forces and make decisions together. We are happy to help with that process!

Cosmetic Options – Many teens find that they are not completely satisfied with the look of their smile. If this is your child, they may approach you about the possibility of cosmetic dentistry. We have solutions available, but we recommend taking plenty of time before making the decision to alter your teen’s smile.

Avoiding Bad Habits – Adolescence and young adulthood could be the time when your teen develops some bad habits through poor decision making. Using tobacco or getting an oral piercing can have a detrimental effect on your child’s smile, so encourage them to think through the consequences and to bring their questions to us at their next dental appointment!

Wisdom Teeth Removal – The third molars generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25. They are more commonly referred to as the wisdom teeth. It is very common for those teeth to be removed due to poor growth in the mouth. Often wisdom teeth become impacted and cause pain throughout your teen’s mouth. A quick oral surgery will remove the wisdom teeth, and your teen will never have to worry about them again!

Transitioning into Adulthood with a Healthy Smile

You’ve watched your child change and grow through many, many stages of life. When those final childhood antics are gone, and you are left facing an adult, you can rest assured knowing that your son or daughter is carrying around the good habits you began teaching during their infancy.

Young adults often feel unsure as they step out on their own, but having a friendly, family dentist who has known them for their entire life can be really helpful. There is no need for them to find a new doctor, and they don’t have to worry about learning to trust someone new. We can’t tell you how helpful this is!

Make Appointments for Your Whole Family!

Set your children up for success with a family dentist office they can trust with all of their care from the toddler years all the way through adulthood. Contact us at Brandon Family Dental to make appointments for your entire family! We can’t wait to get to know your entire crew!