• January 2, 2018

Has your mouth ever caused you problems?

Not because of things you’ve said … but because you were worried about something else — your missing teeth.

Missing teeth can be unattractive, and they can make it difficult to bite and chew certain foods. Gaps in your smile can make you hesitant to speak in front of people, and that can be an obstacle in your professional and personal life.

You don’t have to live with those empty spaces, however. You can replace your missing teeth.

And the best way to do that is with dental implants, which you can get at our dentist office in Ortonville, MI. You can call (248) 469-0218 if you are interested in setting up a consultation to discuss implants.

Dr. Harrell and our team at Brandon Family Dental would be happy to answer your questions and to help you feel good about your smile again!


What Dental Implants Can Do

Do you want a complete smile? Do you want to be able to eat anything you want?

Do you want to trust that your replacement teeth will stay securely in your mouth?

Dental implants can do all of these things, but their biggest benefit may be something that’s harder to explain. When you have a full set of natural-looking teeth once again, you might find your self-confidence has increased as well. We’ve seen it happen for many of our patients, and we know it’s made a real difference in their daily lives.

Dental implants — specifically what is known as root-form implants — have been a leap forward in restorative dentistry. Implants replace the roots of missing teeth, which why they can do the things we mentioned above.

With implants, you have a solid, secure, stable foundation to support a dental crown, a dental bridge, or dentures. In other words, implants can help you replace as many teeth as you need replaced.

Modern implants are made of titanium. When they are placed in your jawbone, they undergo osseointegration. This is just a long word that means that your bone bonds directly to the implants — just like it would bond to the roots of real teeth.

Because of this process, you don’t need denture adhesive to hold your new “teeth” in your mouth. Your implants keep your crown, bridge, or denture right where it should be.

It also adds extra force to your bite. You can feel confident eating anything you would like whether you are at a business lunch or a romantic dinner.


Restore Your Teeth and Your Confidence

Dental implants play a big role in our full-mouth reconstruction at Brandon Family Dental.

We know that having a healthy and complete smile affects how our patients feel about themselves.

It’s hard to describe how we feel as we watch a patient who was missing teeth when he or she looks at their new smile for the first time. Seeing the joy on someone’s face can feel overwhelming for them and for us … and it doesn’t matter how many times we’ve seen something similar happen.

As great as that moment is, it’s not as good as when those same patients return to our office for routine checkups. The way they carry themselves is often different. Many times they are more relaxed and seem more self-assured, too.

That is when we really know that their replacement teeth have made a big difference in their lives.


Dental Implants Do More Than Fix Smiles

Old ways of replacing teeth — such a full and partial dentures — could restore the appearance of your smile. But they aren’t full teeth replacements. Without something to anchor them to someone’s jawbone, they were either floating over your gumline or hooked into the few teeth someone had left.

By attaching your replacement teeth to dental implants, you are helping to maintain your bone health. Plus, you are able to generate more force — about 90 percent of someone with a full set of natural teeth. And that is why implants allow you to keep eating anything that you want to eat.

With implants, you are coming as close as we can get to complete teeth replacements.


Ready To Remake Your Smile

If you are ready or you think you might be ready at some point in the future, then today is the day to call (248) 469-0218. Now is the time to set up a consultation with Dr. Harrell at Brandon Family Dental.

This is the year to rebuild your smile (and much more).