• August 1, 2019

The start of the new school year is about a month away, which is also a good reminder to schedule a back-to-school dental visit.

Our team at Brandon Family Dental wants your family to have a happy and successful academic year. And, believe it or not, a healthy smile can help your kids in the classroom.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your family’s next dental cleaning and exam, call 248-469-0218 today. We hope to see you soon at our Ortonville, MI dentist office.

Don’t Skip Your Exams

When classes resume, many teachers will start with a review of what students learned the previous year. The refresher lays a foundation to build on for the year to come.

Likewise, a professional cleaning and exam create a firm foundation to maintain a healthy mouth. When you visit our office, a member of our team will remove plaque and tartar from your family’s teeth. This reduces your risk of developing decayed teeth and infected gums.

Our exam is how we discover cavities and periodontal disease in the early stages. Should we find something, we can act now to treat it before it becomes a painful distraction for a kid in a classroom.

Earn Extra Credit

Many teachers will offer extra credit as an opportunity for students who have fallen behind to get caught up or for students who want an added challenge to work ahead. Either way, it’s beneficial for those students.

In dental care, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and mouthguards are small extras your family can use to keep smiling.

Fluoride strengthens teeth, so they are more resistant to cavity-causing bacteria. Dental sealants add a layer of protection — literally. Sealants are a coating that creates a barrier between the bad bacteria and the enamel of your teeth.

Athletic mouthguards aren’t going to save smiles from tooth decay. However, they do greatly reduce athletes risk of broken or knocked-out teeth. Athletes who wear mouthguards are 60 times less likely to have dental injuries than athletes who don’t wear them.

Don’t Forget Your Homework

As important as regular checkups are for your family’s long-term oral health, it’s all for naught if your kids forget their dental “homework.”

They likely already know what they should be doing, but let’s review as a friendly reminder.

Brush your teeth twice daily. This means cleaning your teeth for two minutes each time, being sure to clean your teeth from all angles. The ADA recommends using toothpaste with fluoride and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

To clean the spaces between your teeth and gums, remember to floss daily. Whether you use dental floss, flossers, or a water floss, the important thing is that you clean the parts of your mouth that your toothbrush can’t reach as well.

Let’s Make This A Great School Year

The ADA reports that dental problems cause kids to miss 51 million hours of school every year in the United States. Let us help your kids stay in class. Contact Brandon Family Dental for a back-to-school checkup. Call 248-469-0218 or fill out our online form.