• November 14, 2016

If you have one nearby, pick up a celebrity magazine. Turn to one of the profiles and look at the featured person’s smile. Many times (maybe even most of the time) that smile is the result of some kind of cosmetic dental care, which includes orthodontics.

Like many other things in Hollywood, the things we see are created rather than found naturally. Directors don’t wait for a downpour to shoot scenes in the rain; they have the equipment to make the storm on their own.

Likewise, many actors aren’t born with perfect smiles, but orthodontics can give them the perfectly straight teeth that appear on movie and television screens and photos in celebrity magazines.

Brandon Family Dental can give you that give of smile, too. Dr. Angela Wojtkowicz-Harrell, our dentist in Ortonville, MI, has been helped numerous patients with orthodontics like braces in Invisalign®.

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The Benefits of Orthodontics

Having straight teeth makes your smile look nicer. Most people would agree with that. Unfortunately, it’s extremely rare for someone to have naturally perfect teeth.

With the help of Brandon Family Dental, you can still have the Hollywood some, however. And once you have it, you and the people around you may see you a little differently.

There’s nothing magical about having straight teeth, but we have seen how changing a crooked smile often improves our patients’ self-confidence as well.

When someone is no longer ashamed or embarrassed by their teeth, they have these genuine smiles that are impossible to hide. And when someone is truly happy, that kind of smile is contagious.

It gives you a good feeling to see a smile like that. Maybe that’s why surveys have shown that people with nice smiles are considered to be friendly, trustworthy, successful, and, yes, more attractive.

When you feel comfortable with your smile, you are more likely to share it. By smiling, you are also more likely to make a good first impression.

Orthodontic treatment can help others see the real you. Call 248-469-0218 for an appointment with Dr. Wojtkowicz-Harrell to find out how we can give you a smile that you will want to share.


Get To Know Your Orthodontic Options

What comes to mind when you think of orthodontic care? For many people, this conjures images of teenagers with braces.

That is still part of orthodontic care, but it’s also become more common for adults to seek orthodontic treatment. In some cases, patients can even start orthodontic treatment before their permanent teeth have erupted.

Below, we will discuss the different kinds of orthodontic care that we offer at Brandon Family Dental.


✦ 1. Preventative Orthodontics

Preventive orthodontics is a way of affecting how a child’s teeth develop to reduce the risk of alignment issues later.

Preventive care can be used to guide the way your child’s teeth emerge. It also can be used to create space for teeth to erupt correctly.

In some cases, this will eliminate the need for traditional orthodontic care. In other cases, it will allow us to straighten your son or daughter’s teeth with simple orthodontic treatments.


✦ 2. Traditional Orthodontics

This is what most people think of when they think about someone straightening his or her teeth. Braces have been used for several generations, and they will continue to be used simply because they work on wide range of alignment issues.

Crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth, high molars, and various bite issues all can be corrected with brackets and wires attached to someone’s teeth.

Dr. Wojtkowicz-Harrell can help you decide if this is the right option for you.


✦ 3. Invisalign

This is a newer approach to orthodontic care although it has been used for decades. Invisalign is a good option for people who have mild to moderate alignment issues. This treatment uses a series of clear aligners — a kind of mouthpiece — to gently push your teeth where you would like them to be.

Since the aligners are clear, many people (particularly working adults) are more comfortable wearing them. Invisalign is so discreet that many people won’t notice that you have anything over your teeth.


Finding A Solution That Works For Your Smile

Before you begin any orthodontic care, you deserve to know that it is likely to work. By coming to Brandon Family Dental for a consultation, our dentist can tell you how effective our various treatments can be.

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