• January 2, 2017

Every year millions of people begin orthodontic care for one simple reason. Straight teeth are important to them.

For many patients, the cosmetic benefits of having straight teeth are obvious. Smiles look nicer with your teeth are evenly spaced and parallel to one another.

For many dental professional, including our staff at Brandon Family Dental, there are oral health benefits that we want you to know about as well.

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Orthodontics And Your Oral Health

We completely understand why patients want to have straight teeth and nice smiles. Your smile says a lot about you to other people. Having a smile that you are proud to share will make a big difference in your everyday interactions at work, at school, and in social situations.

At the same time, we want your teeth to be cavity free and your mouth to be free of gum disease. And having straight teeth can make a difference with both of those things.

To be clear, having straight teeth does not automatically mean you will have healthy teeth. However, having straight teeth will make it easier to keep your teeth healthy.

You still need to follow the basics of good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day. Floss between your teeth daily. Visit Brandon Dental Care a couple times each year for professional dental cleanings.

When your teeth are crooked, it can interfere with how effective brushing and flossing can be. For example, it can be difficult to fit a piece of dental floss between crowded teeth even though the bacteria that cause gum disease can fit in those spaces.

Crooked teeth are another example of how this can be a problem. If some of your teeth overlap one another, you may not be able to scrub them on all sides. Again, this is an opportunity for bacteria to form plaque and eat into your teeth.

Bite issues also can affect your risk of oral health issues. An overbite or underbite could lead to uneven wear on some of your teeth. That could grind down enamel, which could expose the softer layer of dentin underneath.

With orthodontics at Brandon Family Dental, you could take make your teeth easier to keep clean and less likely to wear down.

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Orthodontic Options

Historically, people usually think of teenagers wearing braces when they think of orthodontic treatment. In modern dentistry, however, orthodontic care can start even earlier. Likewise, millions of adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment with some of the innovative services available today.


➤ Preventative Orthodontics

It is possible to begin orthodontic treatment before your child has all of his or her adult teeth. We can monitor changes in your child’s mouth as baby teeth start to fall out.

If we notice potential problems, we can intervene that can affect how those adult teeth emerge. Space maintainers can help if a baby tooth falls out earlier than expected.

Early intervention can sometimes minimize or even eliminate the need for more traditional orthodontic care when your son or daughter is older. Brandon Family Dental would be happy to examine your child’s mouth and to offer our assistance whenever it is needed.


➤ Invisalign

When we mentioned innovation orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® is what we had in mind. This is also the reason many adults have elected to start orthodontic care.

Invisalign does not use brackets or wires, yet it can be comparably effective on mild or moderate alignment issues.

Invisalign has been used to fix crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and bite alignment issues.

Many adults like Invisalign because it is discreet. The plastic Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic. This makes them practically invisible to most of the people you meet.

Teens like Invisalign, too. The aligners can be removed for meals, so they don’t have to give up any of their favorite foods during their treatment.


➤ Traditional braces

Traditional braces always remain an option. If nothing else, braces work.

The issues that come with wearing braces pay off in the long-term when you have a straight smile that you are proud to flash in person or show off in a “selfie” posted to social media.


Find The Right Treatment For You

Brandon Family Dental wants you to be happy with your smile. We also want your teeth and mouth to be as healthy as possible.

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