• October 15, 2015

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes a whole bunch of things: cold Michigan fall nights, costumes, the peak colors of autumn, and candy. At Brandon Family Dental we love all of those things but we pay special attention to the candy!

Trick-or-treating is a great activity to do as a whole family and candy can be a fun treat but the problem sugar presents is definitely at a peak this time of year too! We don’t believe that you should avoid trick-or-treating or refuse your children candy but there are some things you should know about this time of year to help protect their teeth and health!

What Does Sugar Do To Teeth?

We all know sugar causes cavities – you probably tell your children, you were told as a child, and the cycle goes on. It’s such a universal statement because it’s true, but do you know how sugar causes cavities?

There’s bacteria in all of our mouths – it’s just part of life! The bacteria that lives there comes in two main varieties, harmful and harmless, and it’s the harmful ones that attack your teeth and gums! Sugar is their favorite food, as it is with so many of us, and when they eat it the produce acid that eats away at tooth enamel and eventually makes its way to the root! Cavities are a part of life – over 90 percent of adults will have one at some point – but they don’t need to become severe and are mostly avoidable!

The acid attack that bacteria causes lasts about a half an hour. This gets longer if candy is being consumed over time and becomes even longer still if your child is eating sticky sweets that get stuck in their teeth! Think about that chocolate, nougat, or caramel – as long as it’s sitting in their mouths it’s causing damage!

Protecting Your Ghosts And Goblins

Yes, even the scariest of Halloween fiends needs their teeth protected. It can be hard to think about denying your children the candy they earned on their night out braving the Ortonville cold, but you don’t have to! By encouraging your children to limit their candy intake you can do a lot to protect their teeth!

You can try encouraging them to pick a few pieces to have each day to control their intake. A child aged four to eight should only get about three teaspoons of sugar a day! That’s not much, especially if they’re snacking on candy all day! Older children and adults should only get about six teaspoons – less than the contents of one can of coke! Additional sugar spells trouble for oral and overall health so make sure to control what they get!

It’s also important to encourage good oral health choices from an early age! Children who have regular cleanings and exams have a much better chance of growing into a healthy, happy smile as adults! You can help emphasize dental care early in life by showing them how to brush and floss and having them come to our Ortonville dentist office as soon as they have their first baby tooth!

We also encourage you to bring your children to your dentist appointments. By bringing them in as guests they’ll see that dental care isn’t anything to fear! We can also show your children all the features of our office and answer any questions that they might have. Familiarity is a key to making young children comfortable!

Oral Health For Your Children Isn’t A Seasonal Event!

Dental care is an important part of your overall health year round! If you’ve been away from the dentist for any reason we encourage you to come back and see us at Brandon Family Dental! You won’t be shamed, embarrassed, or lectured – we just want to make sure your teeth are healthy!

Make an appointment for you and your whole family today! You can reach us at 248-469-0218 and can also schedule an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you and your young ones soon!