• May 1, 2016


Like it or not, emergencies happen. When they happen to you it’s easy to be caught unprepared. Disaster can strike at the worst moments, and when it does knowing where your emergency supplies are located makes it a lot easier to resolve the problem.

At Brandon Family Dental we’re here to treat your dental emergencies the day they happen. A lot goes on between your accident and getting to our office though, which is why you need a properly stocked emergency kit. Today we’re going to review some of the most essential emergency dental supplies so you can be sure you have what you need.

Immediate Treatment Needs

When things first go south it can be easy to panic. Make sure you have the following items in one central location so that you can find them when you need them the most.

  • Rubber gloves: these are essential in case you have to treat someone else. You never know who might have a dental emergency in your home! Make sure they’re non-latex so that you avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Cotton balls: these are ideal for cleaning the area and also for padding the mouth in case of tissue damage.
  • Cotton swabs: you can use these to apply ointments and clean tight areas.
  • Alcohol wipes: the injury may need to be disinfected, so keep some of these in your first aid kit too.
  • A dental mirror: the mouth is full of tight corners, and injuries aren’t always nice enough to see without assistance. Make sure you have a small flashlight handy too – it’s dark in there!
  • Gauze or gauze pads: you might need to soak up some blood, and these will go beyond what cotton balls can do.
  • Salt: a couple packets of salt can pull double duty as a sterilizing agent (when swished in the mouth with water) or as an emergency stabilizer for a knocked out tooth. Just mix with water and drop the tooth in.

Stabilizing The Area

Once you’ve assessed the injury and cleaned it up it’s time to think about easing the pain, preventing further damage, and relieving pain. These products are perfect for that.

  • Dental wax: you’ve probably seen this stuff before, especially if you’ve ever worn braces. It’s soft and pliable, perfect for covering the sharp point of a broken tooth or orthodontic appliance. You can find it at most drugstores.
  • Temporary filling material: this stuff can be used to temporarily plug the hole left behind by a broken filling. It’s easy to apply too.
  • Vaseline: believe it or not, this is the easiest way to reattach a crown. Fill the crown with Vaseline and stick it back on your tooth. It should stay in place long enough to contact us and head to our office.
  • Ibuprofen: never use aspirin to relieve the pain from a dental emergency. It thins the blood and can make clotting harder.
  • Cold compress: we recommend purchasing some of the chemically activated disposable kind for your first aid kit. The last thing you need is to run to the freezer and find that there’s not a ready cold pack in there!

The Most Critical Item For Your First Aid Kit

All of the items we’ve listed are great for stabilizing a dental injury, but the most critical piece you need is a card with our information on it! Write down our address and phone number so you can contact us right away in an emergency.

As always, we’re here for you whenever something goes wrong. Dental emergencies, whether a toothache or a broken tooth, are serious. We’re committed to providing same day care whenever we can, so don’t ever hesitate to call us right away!

What To Do In An Emergency

The first thing you should do when you have a dental emergency is assess the situation. Use the items in your first aid kit to clean and stabilize the wound, and then be sure you or your patient is comfortable.

As soon as things are under control contact our Ortonville office by calling 248-469-0218. Let us know what happened and we’ll be sure to get you in as soon as we can!

For non-emergency needs you can schedule an appointment online. Don’t use this option if you’re having an emergency or immediate need of any kind. We hope to see you under good circumstances soon!