Protect Your Teeth While Playing Sports with Custom Athletic Mouthguards

If your child plays sports, you want to make sure that his or her teeth are protected with athletic mouthguards at all times. Contact sports, including football, rugby, soccer, and wrestling, leave your child’s teeth susceptible to trauma and damage if they are hit or fall down.

No matter the type of sport your child is playing, however, anything can happen. Think about it for a second. Your daughter is playing softball and she begins to look around the field for you but at the same time, the pitcher throws the ball. When your daughter turns around, the ball knocks into her teeth. Trauma to your teeth and mouth can happen in an instant, and it is better to be protected than get injured.

Dr. Harrell specializes in sports mouthguards to help keep your child’s teeth safe throughout any sporting event. When you bring your child in for a consultation, we will take an impression of his or her teeth. The results will be sent out to the lab so a custom-fit mouthpiece can be made. The mouthguard will fit snugly to provide superior protection.

Can I Buy a Generic Mouthguard?

Although you may want to purchase a generic mouthguard for your child, there are a few reasons you should not. One of the main reasons that Brandon Family Dental does not recommend a generic guard is because they do not offer as much protection for the teeth. A generic guard does not conform to your child’s mouth, and oftentimes, the guard itself is too big, leaving the teeth susceptible to damage. A custom guard, on the other hand, is fit perfectly to their teeth and made with a protective gel that absorbs much of the impact when your child is hit in the mouth.

The money spent to get a custom mouthguard is much less than tooth replacement options to fix the trauma caused by knocked-out teeth or broken teeth! Aside from the cost, oral trauma is painful, and so are other injuries – such as jaw fractures and concussions – that are much more likely to occur without protection.

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